Pick Your Own

Pick your own season has now started!

Bring in your own containers and pay for the weight of the berries you pick. We also sell our containers in the shop that you can use.

We will update on our website which berries we have ready for Pick Your Own.

Pick Your Own – Guide to the Season

Scotland grows some of the best soft fruit in the world and Charleton Farm is no exception! To make sure you do not miss out on the chance to taste some delicious fruit, here is a rough guide to our Pick Your Own season.

End of June to Mid-August

Mid-July to Mid-August

Mid-July to August

Mid-July to October


End of August to October

*NOTE: This is designed to be a rough guide to the berry season. A berry’s season may start earlier or later depending on various factors including weather and growing conditions.

To enjoy the taste of our summer berries all year round why not make your own jam and preserves? You could also freeze them or add some to pies, crumbles, smoothies and compotes.

We are closed for the winter but come see us again in the spring!